Sole v Ltd – The Fear

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Having run three businesses as a Sole Trader for near on 9 years, I am now at the point where there are going to be changes. Having some rather large corporate clients on the books and the business changing on a weekly basis as I chase new products and new clients, is it time to go Ltd?

I have previously looked into becoming a Ltd company rather than trading as a Sole Trader, each have their pro’s and con’s and I’m still sitting scratching my head as to which would be better for the longevity of itWorx firstly. The other business can still be run as a Sole Trader business as it deals mainly with the public rather than larger corporate clients.

Anyone else going through this? Ltd v Sole Trader v Ltd v Sole Trader…I’m on it as I take advice, which is odd as it’s usually me that’s giving the advice to businesses.

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